August 31 2019 – Desires of your Hearts: JC Angelcraft  

Agust  31, 2019 – Desires of your Hearts: JC Angelcraft .  Well hello!.  The month of September is upon us.  We have changed Icons here at the Desires of Your Hearts website from the Lamb to the Lion.  We will do the same at Facebook. We retain the lamb for other uses and for sentimental reasons.  

I thought since I am stuck in a depressed state at JC Angelcraft Animal Rights updates I can continue here once in while.  As most of you know Monkeyface got stolen.  I learned a Desires of Your Heart Lesson with dissapearence of  Rhesus and that is not to blame God’s Holy Spirit  or Jesus when things do not work out with the Desires of Your Heart.

Using the masculine, God did his part in bringing Rhesus into my life and someone worked to ruin it.  We believe it was someone from the neighborhood who stole Rhesus, a person who Rhesus knew and a person who he trusted. Rhesus was a very outdoor cat and thats the risk we take with indoor/outdoor cats.  Fanny survived and thrived for 12 years using the mouse door to come in and out as she pleased.  I put Rhesus in prayer every day and still he was stolen. But, I still love Jesus and I still love my Holy Spirit who did no wrong.  I still feel good about scripture.

You have to be strong to embrace scripture sometimes and I pray that your faith never fail you.   I have stopped uploading videos to our Desires of Your Heart account at YouTube for personal reasons but we still use the account and we still use YouTube for other things unless something comes up.

We have also changed the name of the Website.  The new name is called the The Desires of Your Heart Company 725 5th Ave New York City New York USA 10022 +1 212-832.  We use this address because we can and  we do it as a statement to let everyone know now that some very serious changes have taken place in the world.  Despíte problems in mass media, we are still living in very special times.

The decision to change it to the Desires of Your Hearts Company has been long in comming.  It sounds more old fashion.  I was inspired to do this by looking at the name The Walt Disney Company.  I used to feel for a company so large in size that the Walt Disney Company should have a more important sounding name like the Walt Disney MGM Corporation Luxury Suites, Resorts and Theme Parks which remains a designation, there are several.  However, I have come to like simplicity in life and so I changed our name today to The Desires of Your Heart Company.  I also have plans in paper work to call JC Angelcraft, the JC Angelcraft Company for other uses.  It remains JC Angelcraft Crown Corporation at this moment.

I just wanted to inform you of the changes and encourage you in your faith by taking the time to share with you my feelings.  I want our followers to stay strong and everyone to think positive.  Everything is going to work out for the good people of God’s Holy Spirit.

Desires of Your Hearts Company is a Holy Spirit World Crown Ministry

Desires of Your Hearts MMXII Le bureau de JV Agnvs Dei Verbvm Dei Filvs Dei Jose Maria Chavira MS Adagio 1st Primogentivs Fivs Dei Hominis Espiritvs Dominus Dominorum est et Rex Regum et Reginarum nom de plume JCAngelcraft Rex Angeli in gratia Espiritvs Sancti La Couronne Monde Château Versailles Place d’Armes,78000 France et 725 5th Ave New York City New York USA 10022 +1 212-832.

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