Today in History Bay County animal Control and The Cotton Tail Alarm Clock

Thank you for visiting the Desires of Your hearts and for all new comers we welcome you.

Today we welcome Bay County Animal Control and we are going to do everything possible to introduce all these important types of government institutions.

The Desires of Your Heart is also a government institution that can be found in the bible and today it is associated with only good things.   And like todays new and good regular government we do not do human or animal sacrifices.

In creating this website many considerations have to be taken into effect;  such as themes that are pure and if at any other time in history these things have been important, they are even more important today.

Today people are comming out of a news tunnel realizing that the world is not as it should be according to mass mason media a most dis-respectful media mason media is that offers a fantasy and very dark world that does not exist.

The mason media we are experiencing was made years ago and is intended to keep you ignorant that behind it is russian-german nazi german white supremacy the kind from world war I and world war II.

Truth in media is part of good public health and mason media does not tell the truth.

Todays problems with bad news is one of the reasons we created the JC Angelcraft network the product of much personal suffering and goodwill to the people of this earth.

Sometimes JC Angelcraft media is miraculous and other times as ordinary as you find it.  But all the time it is there.

The JC Angelcraft network has been around since 2009 a part of which was destroyed by masons and their international fraternity a group that through clandestine men and operatives, criminals using mason media are trying to keep alive. These men and people get brought to justice daily.

Masonry was for all intents and purposes a religious group that is being daily addressed by JC Angelcraft for the problems that it has caused society problems.

In the past any and all complaints against masons were handled and poorly addressed by their members and associates who quelled every investigation and used their political power to unethically continue in their abnormal religious lifestyles where they worship moloch and a number of Idols and hurt human and animal life.

The fact masons were discovered to be like the Philistines of the bible who also worshipped moloch is kind of ironic and although many people knew this many were powerless to stop it.  No longer however and God’s Holy Spirit has come to our rescue.

”Let me see, Let me  see ”

The Desires of your hearts is a compliment to a wider network created by JC Angelcraft and an escape to the truth when we finely tire of this mason news.

Reading the truth as written inside any one of JC Angelcraft created venues can be refreshing.

But we also need escapes of the heart that do not lead to solicitations for money for white supremacy or dangerous people who work independently but with white supremacy to lure children through a progessive series of actions into obscene venues trying to appeal to their innocence only to betray that innocence.

We need escapes that are perfectly blessed and so JC Angelcraft created several and we hope you enjoy them.

We welcome back Pet Pals @ Fredrick County Animal Control and Pet Adoption Address: 1832 Rosemont Ave, Frederick, MD 21702, USA          Phone: +1 301-600-1546

Today in history we introduced   The Cotton Tail Alarm clock.

I discovered the Cotton Tail Alarm Clock completely by accident through my infrared wireless speakers that gently and softly woke me up one morning. After I awoke I recorded the sound and preserved the cadence. It is a perfect way to wake up on a Lazy Saturday morning.

We hope you enjoy today’s presentation and remember to keep your money and there is no group in this world so important that needs your money.

Remember that Charity is about having money to give and not about using other people’s money and taking a percentage which is what nazi white supremacy does.

White supremacy needs money for their science and animal experiments with their hope and dreams of building future installations and what they call private corrections where they control prisons, prisoners and what happens to them.

The magnitude of this thinking took me by surprise.  At the beginnings of my investigation I expected to see much of the same type of white supremacy that has ben uncovered to date, a different sort of white supremacy, but it all ends just like masonry, in Idol worship of some Idol such as Moloch or Adolf hitler and sometimes both  and in death for 75% of the world who is not blonde hair blue eyed and of the designations afforded to us by white supremacy geneticists.

We hope you enjoy today’s presentation

We are still in a news and media emergency with regards to political news and information. But we still want you to smile.

Medical & Public Health Information
Rabies is a virus that may affect the brain and spinal cord of all mammals, including dogs, cats and humans. Web M.D.

We welcome Pet Pals @ Fredrick County Animal Control and Pet Adoption Address: 1832 Rosemont Ave, Frederick, MD 21702, USA          Phone: +1 301-600-1546

Pets Web M.D. Type of Animal and Rabies Risk – Pets WebMD

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Article Cats

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