Introducing Bellowphone and Tewy @ the Desires of your heart.

What do you think Tewy?  God made this beautiful account called Bellowphone just for you.

”Don’t be stupid”  The Bellophone Man made it.

”Well” of course the Bellowphone Man made it.” responded JC. what do think Froggy?

Its kooky silly
”It drives me crazy”

”Well I just discovered the Bellowman Froggy. ” remarked JC Angelcraft

”Let me see” said Wee Bitty Bunny
”The Bellowman has been around for a long time JC news carver gave us the skinny on him”

What do think Moo Moo?

”I don’t watch anything else but Bellowman stuff”

What do you like about the Bellowman Benny?

”My name is ”News” JC and I have not digested a good meal now in six weeks and you ask me this?” said wee-bitty boo ”news carver” resting on carrot for good luck.

”Well ”News” we’re going to have take you to the vet.” responded JC

”Play the Tiger Rag again” ”Ok” Froggy


”He’s absolute Bonkers” said Willy the Wildcat  

Whats his name asked Paddy?

”His name is Leonard Solomon’‘ said yorky

” What are you doing with that on? asked JC ”its Christmas time” ”This is my reindeer suit” responded Red ”Except they got the horns wrong” ”Ok” said JC we are going to exchange it

”Whats with the Tobacco? asked JC ”Its a smokeless cinnamon stick” replied Gerry ”ok said JC”

…Well its Turkey Creek Jack Johnson and Texas Jack Vermillion Stars of Tombstone 2017.  What do you have for us today?

”We are at a level 7 state of emergency for Political news and general information” responded Turkey Creek Jack Johnson and Texas Jack Vermillion  ” Thank you said JC”  ”Law and Order thats us every time.”

The heart is a place to where we retreat when others have hurt us with lies and deception.

It is our sacred place and a place where God’s Holy Spirit works unencumbered,

The core of our soul rest exactly where the heart is and this is why through history the heart has been a place associated with love and protected by the barrel vault of our rib cage that like a temple houses it.

Without love we would not be alive to enjoy so many things and without love we would daily fall victims to a world destroyed by the wickedness of the men of POTUS who work to enter our hearts every day with lies  knowing our hopes are eventually going to be destroyed by their false presentation of the world.

JC Angelcraft

‘You cannot take delight in God so you can do the work evil .  You cannot do evil and say your are doing good for all evil and iniquity is an affront to God” JC Angelcraft

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